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Nika Urban

My full name is Dominika Urban, but am better known as Nika. I graduated from College for Creative Studies (Detroit) in December 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. 

My work focuses primarily on the dark side of the imagination; the part of one's mind that is often unexplored. I find sanctuary in imagery that many feel uncomfortable facing. The process of creation may be the most important element to me; there is certainly an enchantment to temporarily losing awareness of time. While I have a methodical approach to my drawings or paintings, I also allow myself to work in a free-flowing manner, not putting too much thought into it. This is my way of maintaining an essence of raw or genuine nature to each piece. 


As a whole, my body of work is a collection of haunting images with some elements of surrealism. The subjects that are commonly looked at as mysterious or eerie, invoke me to delve into the unknown that few seek, and many wish to avoid.

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